An Audience with Mr Charles Jardine…

Sunday 22nd January 2012- Fly fishermen and women came from far and wide to witness Mr Charles Jardine’s wizardry in the art of fly casting. Despite a very brisk cold wind C.J. amazed young and old as he proceeded to make it look incredibly easy by throwing loop after tight loop in an incredibly brisk breeze. All this whilst explaining (as Jim from “fishing” says), in a language/terminology all can appreciate.  Midge (his faithful steed) was hanging off of one leg while hobbling on the other – I wonder if Charles hasn’t missed his vocation? It’s this passion and commitment that has made him undoubtabley one of the best demonstrators in the wonderful world of the Fly Fishing.

Charles Jardine
Charles – showing us how it’s done

So along with the lucky few, while tucking into scrumptious bacon rolls, coffee and tea, we were then treated to further demo’s indoors – CJ and outdoors “casting one on one”, by Keith Passant and Jim Williams.

Charles Jardine
This is how it is done against a raging wind.

In reflection, what an amazingly successful day and it would be rude not to thank all that were involved. Charles for showing us how it is done, all the angles for turning up, Keith and Jim for unselfishly taking the time out to help others on the road to perfecting their casting. (It’s times like these that remind me why I fell in love with “fly fishing”), and a last but not least special thanks to Karen and Jayne in supplying us with good bacon rolls, tea, coffee and warm smiles.

Charles Jardine - Manningford Trout FisheryTill next time….


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