Good Morning from a bright new Website and Blog!

Hello!, Good Morning and I know we are right in the middle of January but a very Happy New Years from us at the MANNINGFORD TROUT FISHERY.

Things are set to be good, better and great at the fishery this year with an amazing start with none other than Charles Jardine giving a Masterclass in Fly Casting wizardry at MANNINGFORD on the 22nd January… yes I know it is only 3 days away but get your “butts” down here and if you can already cast 90 yards plus like our very own Fishery Manager Mr Malcolm Hunt come anyway, good Bacon Rolls, coffee/tea and company.

A Report will follow shortly, so pop back.  We will be aiming to update the blog once a week with Fishery Conditions, Catches and just idle chit chat… and if you have anything positive to add please reply and let other anglers know how you are getting on.

Anyway Over and out.

D :0)


One thought on “Good Morning from a bright new Website and Blog!

  1. Nice work David, website is looking great!!

    Another great time last weekend, with Charles J showing how it should be done, and us having a great day on Squires including a 4 1/2 lb brownie and an 11lb plus rainbow. Charlie and I will be down this Sat to fish the main lake, this time in search of some of the big fish on the far bank.
    Thanks for making each visit such an adventure.

    Take care

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